Welcome to the alternative website for the Mars Explorer community. If you have not already read this article, please do.

This is the replacement site for MarsXPLR.com. This site is completely community created and operated. It was originally kruncher's idea, and Lamp (me) took it on. This thread is where this idea spawned and developed, and you can read through the comments to see the progress.

This site is not actually for the game Mars Explorer, it is for the community of Mars Explorer, and that includes what games they play. So if you used to play Mars Explorer, and are now playing War Thunder, Terrium, or something else, please join and participate here.

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Our situation

Is Mars Explorer dead? Well, it is both dead and not dead. Mars Explorer itself, the game with that name, is dead; it is no longer being developed. But Mars Explorer, the entirety, is not dead. This is because there is a sequel to Mars Explorer in active development, called Terrium.

Back in 2011 or somewhere around that time, a sequel to Mars Explorer called Syn3h began development. It was made by the same creator of Mars Explorer, Aubrey Falconer. But sometime around 2012, Aubrey dropped development of Syn3h and all other related projects like Mars Explorer and The ATI, presumably because he could not handle the huge responsibility, but no one knows for sure.

Later he released Mars Explorer 2.22 as open source. From this, the community took it on. Flynn Clubbinaire developed Mars Explorer 3, which was completely community made. But soon Flynn dropped everything and disappeared without a trace, because he could not handle the responsibility and worked too hard on the game. This is perhaps the same reason Aubrey dropped everything.

Somewhere around the same time, Eric created a new game called Terrium, which was based on Mars Explorer 3. Multiple developers took part in developing the game, including Ace, and even Flynn until he left. Just recently Ace has left as well for unknown reasons (is it a martian disease? :o ).

Eric has hired new developers, including his friend Roe (a web developer with whom he founded a server hosting company called Roe host) and Tomislav Bali (a Unity game developer).

So Terrium is under active development, and it has a great future. The entire game is being rewritten and it will be released this summer. Terrium is very much like Mars Explorer, because it is the sequel. So to all dear martians, please stay around, because this is a dawn of a new era. We are all heading for a planet called Terrium and we will grow and thrive bigger and better than we ever though possible. We will have many players, and we all now will be special veterans in the future.



5/2/16: Changed chat link to Terrium chat

4/5/16: Added Mars Explorer downloads and archives of downloads to the resources page, and did some tweaks.

8/7/15: Edited site header, deleted "Games we play" section, added "Our situation" section, deleted "About" section but made archive of it. Also, Terrium has a new forum at Terrium.net.

6/13/15: Did some minor tweaks to the site, and added a section on this homepage called "Games we play" and what that is is a grid of the logos of the different games we play, and each image is linked to that game. It's like a directory. It helps remind people that this site is not just for Mars Explorer.

6/9/15: Aubrey has come back!! Please read this: http://marsxplr.com/view-14370

Aubrey has put a link to this site on the home page so there is no need for redirects. We all know how redirects can be annoying, so this is much better. Because of this, I have edited the Welcome text on top. The original "About" text below may need to be edited or redone. I'll probably do that later.

6/4/15: I have installed a Javascript redirect on the content page. This is to finally lock up the site and move everyone to the new site. You can browse the site by disabling Javascript (also useful so you don't get stuck in spam). I also wrote a new piece of text to Welcome new players, and it is on top of this page.

6/3/15: Falck has spammed again and ruined the layout, and I bammed them to fix the layout but they have gotten spammed again. This is the last straw so we are moving to the new site.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or anything else to say about this site, please write it in the Feedback & Suggestions category at the forums. We would like to hear your thoughts!

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